"Heroes Temporis for autistic children was created to improve the lives of autistic children through: the education, advocacy, services, research and support. "The primary objective of the Association is to create places and moments of socialization for the autistic child, valuing his personal interests through a series of activities carried out in compliance with the free expression of their "neurodiversity" proposing to create a “recreational-educational-diagnostic-equipped” structure, able to accommodate autistic children into the greatest freedom of expression, ensuring also a free specific social and health care.


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  • Today April 2nd is the World Autism Awareness Day. For us this day is so special that we wanna raise the attention on this topic more and more, organizing a funds raising to start an experimental pilot study about ludo-diagnostic approach at our clinic (Mer-clin).
    Even the less amount will help Us to start this project BUT
    making a donation from 2 to 9 April 2016 You'll receive the latest Magni Animi Viri Record*

Metal Artist call for ours Autistic Childrens Association

Special Peoples for Special Childrens, that's the way well known metal artists move toward both charity and social, helping our Non-Profit Association to gain resource through the selling of the Symphonic Metal Album by Magni Animi Viri 


Take a closer look from the inside.......Watch here some documentary from the web

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"Inside Autism", is a dramatic short about the struggles of one teenage boy with Autism entering a public school, and the teacher and students that learn to understand him. 

Produced, Directed and Edited by Tane McClure

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"A Day in the Life of a Child with Autism at The ELIJA School*"  

*The ELIJA School is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children with Autism, their families and the Autism community at large with science-based treatments utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The ELIJA School is located in Levittown, NY.







Success Stories

    Kyle Coleman 

    An autistic man trapped in a world of silence who can only speak a few words has stunned his family by singing, and has now released an album.

    Kyle Coleman, 27, was diagnosed with 'classic autism' aged three, but soon retreated into a world of his own, stopped speaking, and to this day has never uttered a full sentence.

    Kyle was almost completely non-verbal until 2009 when his mother took him to a musical therapy session and he started singing along to his favourite songs in pitch-perfect harmony.

    Read more        Kyle's Homepage                 Watch the video           Latest Kyle's videoclip 

    Jake Barnett200

    ake Barnett 

    Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with autism at age two. Despite the odds, Jacob found a love for the field of theoretical physics which helped to draw him out of his silent world. The story of this is detailed in the book The Spark, published by Random House. The book is an international bestseller. Jacob is now researching Loop Quantum Gravity and Quantum Foundations at Perimeter Institute for Advanced Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada. 

    Video by CBS News            BBC News Page                 Jake's HomePage


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